Should I upgrade Levinson #36

Anyone have any experience with upgrading their 36 to 36S or 360S? What differences should I get and do you feel it is worth the money?
Hi, DO IT! I went from a 36 to a 360s and the improvement was huge. Every aspect of reproduction of sound took a big step forward, detail retrieval, lowerer lows, higher highs, better dynamics, much bigger sound stage, better focus of image, and whatever else I'm leaving out. Plus you're ready for whatever new digital format wins out down the road without lossing your investment. You can't go wrong, the upgrade cost is well worth it. ENJOY!
Hi Pugs..; I just bought a 36S that had been upgraded to 360S status, and it is a tremendous DAC-- everything the above post said, eg deep articulate bass, dynamic, detailed, but still relaxed. I was upgrading from Muse Model Two which also is a well regarded DAC. Well, the 360S was a big improvement, and I think is in a class by itself. Do it and enjoy. Craig