Should I repair my Creek 4330 or replace it?

The thing is, I have loved it since I first bought it 25 years ago. But its left channel went silent a month ago and the local repair shop (HiFi Heaven in Falls Church, Virginia) fixed it twice. Each time, it sounded great for a few days and then the left channel died again. Now my choices are (1) send it off or (2) replace it.

Any thoughts on either option? Where/what/etc?

Thanks, all!
Absolutely.  One needs to plan/dream and look towards the future. I did end up buying an amp yesterday. (Wasn't planning on it but this thread brought back memories as I once owned Creek separates many, many yrs. ago. A nice little Creek A42. 50w power amp. Doesn't have the multiple capacitors as your 4330 or A43. Small,compact and refined. Just what I needed for one system in the living room. Please follow up on how things are going. 
Bill, to answer your question about cabling (and other equipment): I am using Tara Labs Prism Biwire. Not sure about the interconnects, I bought them all a long time ago and went for good quality but not excessive expense. I have a subwoofer (Hsu Research VTF-2 MK 2) separately wired off the amp. The CD player is Njoe Tjoeb 4000. The tuner is Magnum Dynalab FT-101A, but I hardly listen to it anymore because there are no interesting classical music stations in the Washington DC area (end of small rant).
I have quite a few systems put together, all very moderate/inexpensive to AudiogoN standards. Using Prism Labs 22/33 ( Australian 8n solid cu) as well as some older Wireworld Oasis 3/3+ (which I bought used for $10 per cable pair.) In my modest reference system, better Wireworld and Furutech IC's. QED Revelation spk. cables. Upgraded power cords as well as dedicated ac line just for stereo. Your system must sound very nice!  Too bad about your FM stations. I have PBS/Roanoke College and many other good radio stations to listen to. Next I'll be streaming one day hopefully. 
I'm back to answer my own original question. In the end, despite all the very interesting and helpful and enthusiastic advice, I decided to repair my Creek 4330.

If you've followed this thread you know that a local shop, HiFi Heaven, failed twice to fix the amp's problem. I next contacted Mitch Singerman and sent the amp to him for repair. He immediately diagnosed the problem (HiFi Heaven had "installed nonstandard parts causing additional failures" and was a "really bogus job") and fixed the amp. It sounds fantastic now, just like the amp I fell in love with 25 years ago.

I asked HiFi Heaven for a refund but got no reply. Now preparing my online review of their - and my - mistakes.

Thanks again for everyone's help!
I can totally relate to this thread and your love for the Creek 4330 Integrated amp. The good news- yes, the 5330SE is a nice step upward while retaining all of the sweetness of the 4330. Do not hesitate purchasing the 5330SE, as this model, is getting harder to find (especially in excellent/mint condition). These amps are special indeed and hold their own compared to other Integrated amps costing substantially more money.
Keep us posted on your progress.Happy Listening!