Should I keep an Adcom GFP-750 or go integrated?

I'm considering parting ways with my Adcom GFP-750 preamplifier and replacing it with an integrated. I'm somewhat on the fence on this, since I do like the GFP, but I wanted to see what others felt. What opinions does everyone have of this idea? I nnow this somewhat boils down to the whole separates and integrated issue, but I am leaning towards the integrated end (at this time). I've kept this Adcom with the idea of setting up a second system, but I dont know if its worth it.

If I go through with it, I was considering picking up an integrated, possibly a Naim Nait 5i. Are there any others that come to mind? I am currently running a Qinpu A1.0x integrated, PSB Alphas, Onix XCD-88 cd player, Soundstream T1 tuner, Wasatch speaker cables and older copper interconnects.

Thanks for your help
I suggest you try one of the new class D mono-block like NuForce or Acoustic Reality with the 750 pre-amp. My friend has Adcom 750 to drive a pair or ML333 and the sound is excellent even when we placed the ML39 demon unit from the dealer which Adcom is still holding on its own at bypass mode. 750 is an excellent pre-amp in bypass mode and considering the cost, it is true bargin,

Happy listening.