Should I DAC?

I am listening to an ARC LS-1, D-76A, Sony XA20-ES over Magnepan 1.6's + a sub with my room equalized with ASC tube traps. I like what I am hearing but am curious as to how much improvement will be realized by going to an outboard DAC. Any advise is appreciated! I am looking at the Van Alstine Omega IV DAC.
I believe that when a component is made to do one thing(dac, pre, phono stage etc) then it will do what it was designed for. A dedicated dac in my opinion is the way to go if you feel your missing something. Make sure that you listen for things your one box player does and then what the dac does better. Best of luck
Hi JH; I use Sony CA9ES (carosel), and XA7ES CD players. The CA9 definitely benefits from my Muse Model Two outboard DAC, but the XA7, which has a very good built in DAC, does not need it. So, it depends on how good the XA20ES DAC is compared to the Van Alstine outboard DAC. I recently up-graded to an ML 360S DAC and the improvement with both CD players was fairly dramatic over my already good Muse DAC. I can highly recommend the Muse DAC, and it should be available used for about $700. The ML 360S DAC is in a class by itself. Try to audition the Van Alstine in your system and see what you think. Based on the quality of the rest of your equipment, I think a good quality DAC could really provide a good up-grade. BTW, I use a kimber Toslink digital cable(I think your XA20ES only has toslink out). Happy hunting. Craig