Should I buy a third Linn lk85.

My system is a Linn Classik, 2 LK 85 active,& Ninka speakers.

What do you think I should do?

1) Buy an additional LK 85 and run a tri active system.
2) Buy a new preamp and new cd player.

Will the sound be that much better using a Kolector preamp and a Genki cd player. The Classik sounds so great as it is.


I had a setup similar to yours. I had a Majik and an LK100, biamped to a pair of Keilidh. This sounded great. But I foolishly blew the Majik amp last month.

Instead of fixing the Majik, I bought a used Kairn Pro preamp. And I also bought a second LK100. So now the Keilidh are biamped from the two LK100s. The change in amps and preamp made a remarkable improvement in sound quality. Truely remarkable. (Note I'm also using Linn Silver ICs and Linn K400).

Now I'm going to convert the LK100s and Keilidh to active. From everything I've heard, when dealing with Keilidh or Ninka, the money is better spent going to ACTIVE biamplification, rather than PASSIVE triamplification.

In addition, I picked up a used Mimik, and the sound is now all the better. I have the Mimik IC'd to the aux input on the Kairn Pro, and my Sony 400CD changed IC'd to the CD input.

So, if I were you I'd sell the Majik (get $450?). Get a used Kairn Pro ($750?). Then buy a used LK140 ($700?) or LK100 ($450), and connect them to the Ninka's tweeters. You can then hook up your present LK85 to the mid/bass on the Ninkas. Then have your Linn dealer convert your amps and speakers to active (which will probably cost you around $450 for the active cards and installation). You'll be amazed.
Take it from a fellow LINNIE, get the Genki and an additional LK85. If you are not using it yet, the K400 and/or K600 provides the best true LINN performance.
Absolutely get the third LK85 and go aktiv. When you can afford it, get a used Kairn Pro and a better CD player. I liked my Genki, but as Ikemi prices seem to be coming down, I'd hold out for the Ikemi. I agree with Dedicatedaudio, there's nothing that sounds better on a Linn aktiv system than K600.
Bunkers: which route did you go? Is the classik still your source? Interested to hear where the limitations of the Classik start to come in...
I would get a pair of av 5140's, instead of Ninka.
If you are truly running aktiv from the LK85s, ie with a treble and bass card, go for a new CD player. And if you can, the upgraded bases for Ninkas make a HUGE difference.

LINN are proponents of, and it's worked well in my experience- drop the cash on the front end first and work your way back to the speakers.

Genkis and Wakondas are getting to be very reasonable.