Shipping Magnepans into canada. DUTY???

The reason I ask is I am considering some Magnepans and I thought I might try the MMG available from Magnepan. I think I would end up with the 12's or 1.6's but I thought I would start with the MMG with money back offer.

I called them and they said that they do ship to canada via UPS and there would be some sort of brokerage charge and tax, but will there be any sort of duty charged???

Has anyone done this? How much does it really end up costing in the end? Would I be better off to purhase a used pair from with Canada and then resell them if I am not happy?

It should cost you:
1. cost of the speakers (possibly a little extra for freight into Canada)
2. brokerage based on value (UPS is the most expensive), probably $50 Cdn
3. Taxes (PST if applicable)+ GST on US dollar value of speakers translated into Canadian funds

There is no duty on US manufactured audio gear coming into Canada since NAFTA.

While Magnepan only has a select number of dealers in Canada maybe it might be worth your while borrowing a pair of say 12's to see if their design works within your system & room. Then you can make the decision to either purchase locally new, used via A-gon (shipping is pricy, speaking from experience) or take advantage of the MMG offer direct.
I agree with Rgd but also take into consideration that there is "Labour Unrest" between the custom workers and the Federal Gov't.Their contract talks have went sour and so
"work to rule" and rotating strikes are fairly common practises now.This is causing a hugh backlog of mail and packages.
Do your self a favour ,advertise on Canuckaudiomart, for some maggies.I have seen 1.6QR's and 3.6R for sale occasionally and at a very good price.
I know Advance Electronics ,in Winnipeg, sells maggies and I have been quoted good prices in the past especially on some demoed items.
When ever I buy from the US I always have the item send to a border store and I go across,have a few cool ones,and pick up my package.Works well for me.

Good Luck...
you'll pay gst and pst on the canadian dollar amount. you'll also pay a brokerage charge if you ship ups standard. i'd recommend shipping ups expedited. it costs a little more up front, but the brokerage is included, overall a better deal. check with ups for other options 1-800-pickups
Yes, Corby is right I have shipped UPS Expedited both ways and not only is it 2-3days,the brokerage is included.
Also note that the package doesn't get handled a zillion times before you get it.
I have Maggie's and yes it is tough to get to a dealer.
Scope out A'gon and note room size and amplification.
ie.,bigger the room the bigger the speakers and power.
Need at least 200 watts for 1.6's,maybe 60 good watts for the MMG's, . Just my $.02 .
Hang on guys, he may have to pay duty, to ensure that there is no duty, a certificate of origan is needed, which Maggie needs to ship with the speakers.
Allan - not disputing that it wouldn't facilitate their entry but I bought a used pair of 1.5's from the US a couple of years back and the invoice noted them as being made in the USA and that was sufficient. Such was the case with my recently delivered used Talon speakers (bought as dealer demos) from Idaho. Maybe if the item is brand new it must have such documentation but used gear doesn't???
Have you contacted any dealers in Canada for costs ,warranty,return policy etc?Magnepan would give you a list of Canadian dealers.
That would certainly be my first move.
I am a little confused as you state "if I am not happy".
Have you had a chance to hear them?
This is just me but I ceratinly would not go through all that trouble and expense if I didn't have a chance to heard the "Maggie" sound first.

As mentioned in a previous reply there has been a few maggies for sale in Canada on Canuckaudiomart.
Post a "Wanted" ad on CAM and see whats available.

The Canada Customs people are not a happy bunch, as contract talks are not going well.
As for duty and requiring a certificate of origin, it all depends on the broker and your luck, if you are clearing it yourself you may have a chance to talk them into the fact it's made in the US but a broker is most times worse than customs, by definition you need a CO for any US made item for it to be considered under the NAFTA agreement for duty free entry. I am sure if Maggie has dealers in Canada they have a registered CO number.