Shipping Maggies

I am thinking about buying a pair of Maggie 1.6's used off Audiogone, but am a little worried about shipping these guy's. Does anyone have any thoughts or advise? I would only purchase speakers that included original packaging etc. Is shipping these speakers a bad idea in general?
They ship just fine with the original boxes. just make sure you or the seller insures them for the new replacement price. That way either you or he will get a new pair of speakers out of the deal. Someone on the audio asylum made some wooden crates to slip over the factory boxes. I think he called them maggie coffins or something similar. You could have the seller do that for extra $$$ (A lot) if you are worried.
If they have the original boxes, you may want to request that the seller use BAXGlobal as the shipper. They will be less expensive than UPS or FEDEX and far more respectful of the merchandise. I used them to ship a pair of MGIII's to Canada with no problems.
I just shipped a pair of 1.6's yesterday via FedEx Ground. I'll check back on this thread next week after I hear back from the buyer.
I did have the original box, which makes a big difference in my opinion. However, It was still a challenge to put everything together back in the box and get it all sealed up for shipping.
Keep in mind that the seller is likely to be just as nervous about shipping them as you are.

Magneplanar is very helpful in these situations.

I was able to recently purchase a set of Tympani boxes brand new from them -- last made about 20 years ago, remember -- so I would think boxes for 1.6s should be no problem at all.

Even if the seller wasnt interested, you could pay with CC over the phone and have them shipped to him for packing in the "original" boxes.
A few years ago, I shipped a pair of Martin Logan CLS in their original cartons via BAXGlobal and they arrived very much damaged. To their credit, they resolved the claim with minimal hassle. I would not ship or purchase anything but a small/medium monitor in the future. I am in the hunt for newer Martin Logan's at the moment, but will only buy locally and personally pick up. Hope this helps.

Hello again. As promised here is an update regarding my recent shipment of a pair of 1.6's.
I used FedEx Ground which was a very economical choice. It cost me $50 to ship them insured from Maine to Indiana.
I had the original boxes and I think I did a good job of getting everything back into the box properly. I taped the heck out of the box.
The box arrived much quicker than expect (2 days) which is generally a good thing when it comes to reducing the chances for damage along the way.
The new owner was very pleased by the shipping and reported no problems with the speakers upon receipt.
So, to sum up, I recommend using the original boxes and use FedEx Ground to ship them.
Good luck!
Thanks all for your input on this matter. I almost sprang for a pair last week but didn't pull the trigger fast enough............ maybe next time.