ShengYa s-10 Vincent? cd player

Does anyone have any knowledge of how this unit sounds?
i still dont know how it sounds but i wrote to the guy selling them(JIM)& asked him if he could import them on his own so we wont have to pay a obscene shipping rate & he said he would have some in the states within 2 weeks,when that happens i will get 1 for my son,as soon as i get i will audition it with my mcintosh system & post.
I just received one and it sound great and its half the price of the kavent .Same look and about the same components
Before i was using a cheap sony cd player
because i thought nothing will ever be as good as my linn
turntable, with old vinyls ,It still not it but its getting closed
As for the shipping cost 100$ its not more than some US stores
ask for shipping to Canada