Shelter 501 or Hana ML?

Anyone able to compare these two for tone ,sound quality etc.
My shelter is nearing the end of its tip life so I was wondering if I should continue with it or try the Hana.
anyone care to comment on how the Hana might sound in comparison.I am not unhappy with the shelter but the reviews of the Hana are really good.
michell gyro/sme/Yamaha as 2100/spendor A6

I know this doesn’t answer ur question - but I also have a shelter. It was retired by expert stylus in the uk and it is better than ever before
I have owned and used both, in fact I am using the ML now. The Shelter was used on a Graham tonearm which was a perfect match for it. It did everything well in my system without being bright or analytical. Very good resolution with a touch of warmth that I enjoyed, especially on vocals. The Hana is installed on a TriPlaner arm and while a good match, not as well-matched as the Shelter on the Graham. 
The Hana ML is very similar to the Shelter, maybe a bit less warm and a bit more detailed, but not much. With a bit of tube rolling you can get similar results to swapping these carts. I had the Shelter for many years, the suspension gave out and I had it rebuilt by Soundsmith which changed it completely. I don't recommend that. My advice is buy the Hana ML and trade it in when Hana comes out with their next top of the line!