Shanling T100 Tubes

I just recently bought the T100 and like the solid state output much better than the Tubes output. Will the tubes output sound better than the solid state after upgrading to the WE396A tubes?

I don't know about the WE396A tube change firsthand. I had the WE396A tubes from the outset, but others report an improvement over the stock tubes. Also, you'll notice a subtle difference between the tube and solid state outputs once the tubes have burned in for about 200 hours... mostly in a mellower midrange. I left mine on 24/7 for two weeks straight before I noticed a difference, and I still find myself alternating between the two outputs. Makes it fun to have the choice.
I just got mine a couple of days ago and I had it modified through the Parts Connection. They replace the tubes so I can't help you there. I was a bit dissapointed that you can't toggle between the two outputs without unhooking everything. For some reason I was thinking I would be able to hook up two pairs of interconnects and toggle between the tube and solid state outputs. I've only tried the tube so far.
I've got the 200, it takes a few seconds to read the disc then stops, and then you press play. Does the 100 work this way also? I'm not known for my patience.
Rpadula, I have the T200 as well. I switch between the solid state and digital outputs using my Bryston BP25 pre-amp. I have the solid state outputs running to my "CD" input, and the tube outputs running to my "AUX" input. They are adjacent on the BP25 selector knob, so I can indeed "toggle" between the two different outputs.
Great to hear that you can toggle between the two. The manual isn't real informative. I was going to ask the dealer if you could just hook up two pairs of interconnects. For some reason I was expecting a toggle switch or some mention of it in the manual so I didn't want to hook up before checking it out. Which output do you prefer? I'm thinking great, tubes for Jazz and solid state for rock music.
Have you messed around with the upsampling? I hear absolutely no difference in pressing the button. Is there a light or anything that comes on to tell you upsampling is active? It's starting to break in and sounding real good.
The T200 does not have upsampling.
The remote control has an upsampling buton because it is also used for other components that do have upsampling.

Derek Stewart
Well that sure explains it! I specifically remembered reading about the upsampling in the 6moons review. I just went back and re-read it and the upsampling was mentioned at the beginning before they had the 200. Anyway, it sounds mighty good without it.
In most respects valve(sorry tubes)/solid state and straight/upsampling is different not clearly better. I have upgraded to Sovtek not WE valves believe it or not the WE936A cost arround £400 in the UK and the Russian valves are better and make the valve output a little better the solid state