SET 45 Amp Driving Dynamic Speakers

I have an Antique Sound Labs Tulip SET amp running Emission Labs mesh plate 45s, driving Audio Note AN E speakers. It will play WAY louder than I want to listen, and the dynamics are amazing with all types of music.

Why do I keep reading that 45s (and other low power triodes) are only appropriate for horns, or other super efficient speakers? I think a real disservice has been done to the audiophile community by the propagation of this idea. IMO, anyone who prefers to listen to music at sane levels can enjoy the many benefits of a low power SET amp with carefully chosen dynamic speakers.

Anyone else feel this way/have similar experience?

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Of course you are correct that SET amps can provide an exquisite and special listening experience. The key is your wise words "carefully chosen speakers". Your Audio Note speakers are specifically designed for your type of amplifier and listening. The AN web site basically states to get the best results -use a SET amp.

I have a horn system and also a dynamic driver Teresonic system.  The horns are driven by the 300 B SET amp and the Teresonic by the 45 Tube SET amp. I think both provide a special intimate and moving musical experience.

A big problem I see repeatedly is speakers being sold that are not efficient but somehow are so special in some sort of novel design that they will perform to their optimum with a SET amp. Buyers then give the SET amp a bad rap for lacking dynamics or bass when the seller's hype exceeds the laws of physics.

I hope to try the Emission Plate mesh tubes some day. From what I have read in the just right system they add a special touch. Congratulations on having that system.

David Pritchard