Sennheiser and Clou cables for HD580s?

My HD580s were the victims of an unfortunate vacuum cleaner incident. Anyone know where to get a replacement cable? Does Sennheiser have a US website (the one I found was in the Fatherland, and in German). As long as I'm buying cable anyway, I might try Clou. Anyone got a lead for them?
Try Headroom at If you are interested in more stuff headphone-related, go to You'll find reviews of the Clou, Cardas, and Equinox replacement cables for the Senn. hd 580/600.
I found this on the Sennheiser website (which is not that easy to navigate) as an accessory for HD580:

“Replacement Cable with PX-4G adapter"
Code: H-55610/PX-4G
Price: $16.80

The URL is

or, if that does not work, start at has excellent service. I ran into the same problem with my 580's. I purchased clou cable red jaspis'. The good news is that they are very tough, well constructed, and do sound noticeably better. The bad news is that the cable is considerably larger (about 3/8" thick), bright red, and a little stiff. A worthwhile upgrade overall.
Sonically, there are two replacement cables (Cardas and Equinox) that are superior to the Clou, and way superior to the stock cables. Also, both are much more flexible, mechanically, to the Clou (with an edge in this department to the Equinox).

Personally, I like the Cardas - and it's the one I bought. It's a little more extended treble than the Equinox... but the difference between the two is distinctly smaller than the similarities, relative to the other choices.

Good luck and good hunting...
If you can solder make one yourself. Several microphone cables to choos from - Kloz, Belden, Mogami, Canare etc. I personally like the mogami and dislike the belden.