Seamless Interface "Big Dog" = Silver Rock Killer?

Take a look at the new Seamless Interface "Big Dog" TVC (Transformer Volume Control) passive preamplifier at the link below:

Not only is it beautiful but the use of the transformer attenuators give you a more three dimensional neutral and transparent sound. This was the concept first realized, in high-end terms, by Silver Rock, which earned an extremely positive review in the Absolute sound.
I think this is bad form Carlos. It is pretty obvious to anybody who does any digging that you are Carlos Lozano, a principal of the company, touting your own goods.

"Carlos269" (as you call yourself) has a Houston, Texas zip code. The Seamless Interface company is located in Houston, Texas.

I don't think what you are doing on this forum is legitimate and I bet the audiogon folks will agree with this assessment.
If you only knew how many Carlos we have here in Houston then maybe you wouldn't be so quick to judge! The post was submitted as information on a product that I'm personally really excited about, as an audiophile. I wanted to share my excitement with others. I will request that the moderator remove my post to avoid misinterpretations. Thanks for pointing it out.