Scott Nixon Chibi Saru DAC with PSX: Review

Been playing with the Chibi for a few days now. The unit progessed through the 3 day warm-up like all DACs. First day it sounded decent, second day much more listenable and by the third it had blossomed into a very respectable piece.

My system is a Sugden A21SE integrated with the matching CD player as transport. Cabling is a digital RCA Poiema III and MAC hybrid copper/silver RCAs. LAT International speaker cables feed my Coincident UHS TRS Triumph monitors which sit on massed 24" Sound Organization stands.

My main DAC is the Blackgate upgraded Audio Zone. The Chibi is detailed, images well and provides a stable bass platform. Vocals, acoustic piano and acoustic bass held together well. Compared to the Audio Zone the Chibi just falls somewhat short in all categories, but is never embarrassed and for the money is actually a better buy. Highly recommended product for simplicity and quality of sound.
Celtic66, I've the Scott Nixon Saru DAC+ & I also think that this DAC is an excellent buy & sonically is a very accomplished piece. I compared it to the Bel Canto DAC2 & while the DAC2 was superior, the Saru DAC+ held its own very well & (like you wrote) never embarrassed itself.
I 2nd your "recommended product for simplicity and quality of sound".
I have the older Chibi...I'm not familiar with the Saru Dac+, do you know the difference in them?