Scotch? No thanks. Whats the best Vodka.?

Many years a go I used to drink a vodka from Turkey named Izmira that was distilled from white beets. Wonderful!!!!!!!! Sadly no longer available in the U.S. I'm a big Belvedere fan. Slightly sweet and nuanced, but has a great vodka kick. Lately though I've discovered 360 Vodka. American made and so smooth. Almost too easy to drink. So, what's your vodka pleasure? And please, no testimonials to Popov. I know I know, something has to go in the brown paper bag, but if you have to get Kamchatka.
Vodka fans, very interesting so far, and thanks for responding. A few new ones I've never heard of and intend to investigate. A lot of Ketel One fans (it is spelled Ketel) which is a superior vodka. For those of you who don't know, Ketel One is old time pot distilled, as is Tito's. Both, along with Belvedere, Monopolova, 360 Vodka (my new fav), and others for sale CHEAP at Trader Joe's. There's a great liquor store here in Pasadena, Ca. named Mission Wine and Spirits with a huge selection, all available on line. Browsing the aisles there is a gas. As far as the Popov goes, I don't see myself putting Belvedere in a Bloody Mary anyway. What a waste. Keep it up vodka fans, I'm putting together a little shopping list.
I'm with you on the vermouth...just wave the bottle over the glass. Practically speaking, if you must, add a capful to an empty glass, swirl and dump. Add vodka next (preferably at cryogenic temps) + 3 great, fat skewered Queen size olives...pimento, jalepeno, garlic (I ain't fussy). Never tried blue-cheese though. Sounds interesting. This is a fun thread.
I tried the Debowa Polish oak vodka that Mariusz brought to a meeting once and it was superb. There's a little piece of oak floating in it that gives it a nice golden color.

I am a Belvedere fan, but this was just tasty. If you can find it you should try it.


If you live in NY, NJ or Chicago it is an easy find.
If not, order on line.

Debowa Vodka costs between 23$-27$ in most liquor stores that sell it.
Zobrowka Bison Grass Vodka might be a little cheaper but not by much.

If you like your Vodka straight up, these two go down VERY smooth.
I do not care much for Vodka mixed in drinks as long as it doesn't make me sick like a dog. There are few which I simply do not touch for that reason.:)

Illegal Russian moonshine, made with chemical floor cleaner, and certainly good enough to make ones skin go yellow.
I dunno. Maybe behind the iron curtain it was what there was, and so became iconic among Eastern block loyalists. Maybe some is better than others. Maybe there is a kind of connoisseurship to the subtleties of tastelessness. Or maybe the idea is not to leave a trace (they say a man who drinks vodka has something to hide). But vodka, however clean a drunk the "good" stuff might provide, is, as gustatory interest goes, for pussies. Not sober ones, mind you; it'll get you off. But a real drink is for tasting and getting sent -- not how little it tastes, but how much it tastes, and how good it tastes given how much it tastes. Scotch, Bourbon, wine (the real king of connoisseurship for dead sure), grappa, hell, even gin and beer (that's a whole world too). But vodka? Booze for people who might as well inject.

Suckers too, the prices they got for the "premium" hot water. "Have a little Grey Goose to go with your $1000/meter cables? Though you can't taste it (hear them) all the most successful advertising campaigns agree it is (they are) the best available. Yes, you say? Well, then, very good sir. And thank you. (Now let me just makes this deposit of funds.)"

Just my opinion. Let everyone enjoy his or her own poison!!!! I just wanna taste mine goin' down.