Hi everyone. I have some schematics for EXCHANGE : Jadis DPL - tube preamp Krell KSA50s - power amp 50W@8ohm (~75W clipping tested) classA Musical Fidelity XA50 - 50W/8ohm classA/B Musical Fidelity A220 - 50W/8ohm classA (power stage only, pre on request) Musical Fidelity A1001 - 200W/8ohm classA (power stage only, pre on request) Musical Fidelity X10D - Magic tube Quad 405 - piece of history, "amp can be made in this way also" Threshold T3 - best preamp I ever DIY More to come. I am looking for Hi-End solid-state pre/power amps schematics like Mark Levinson, Classe, Pass, Gryphon, etc. If You have something for exchange e-mail me at
I am desperately looking for cec tl 5100 transport schematics. please help me if you can!
Hi guys what are your sources for this information? I'd like to have manuals, or at least schematics, of all my gear but the vendors (Krell - McCormack - Ayre - EAD) guard this data like pure gold. Nothing's broken yet, but ever since my beloved Luxman M4000A died (with no support from Lux) I'm paranoid. By the time the gear is old enough to fail, the makers won't support it anymore. If you had the information then you'd at least stand a chance with the independent repair shops.