SACD Player Hates CDR's

I just picked up a NIB Sony scd-xe670
When playing CDR's only it works fine for a while but eventually the music begins to break up.It makes horrible noise if I dont remove the CDR quickly.
Sometimes the tray door wont even open.I have to turn the unit off then back on to get it to spit the CDR out.
Is this common behavior for at least some sacd players?

Also,I have 'heard' the 670 has the same DAC as the $1800 Sony 555.Is this true or BS?

Finally,my player came with a new copy of Miles Davis "Kind Of Blue" I opened it and played it once
Anyone want to trade even up for a rock/pop SACD? If so email me what you have.
I have the Sony SCD-1 SACD player, the CDR copies works fine on it, but make sure you dupe it at lower speed. When I dupe the cd at 32x, it spits out the CDr or if it plays, sounds terrible.
David - R15555 is correct. I own a media duplication company; and almost always when CDRs don't play properly it's a matter of the disc being copied at a very fast speed.
Slow your duplications down to 1X, 2x, or 4x and you will find your CDR problems are history. Good listening!
Thank you for the replies.
One thing I forgot to mention is,all these CDR's played fine on my Rega Planet.So whats the problem?
No takers for the Miles Davis SACD?
Dont have any SACD's to trade but shoot me a price on your Miles disk and maybe we can both be happy.