S.F Power 3 6922 or 6dj8?

I just picked up a pair of Power 3's this weekend which have the Sovtek 6922 driver tubes. My question is, I have some good NOS JAN 6dj8s in the collection, has anyone replaced the 6922 with a good quality 6dj8? Reccomended or no?

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Justlisten I have a Anthem pre2L that camr with Sovtek 6922's. I replaced them with Jan-philips tubes but they were 6922 also. I didn't really notice a difference in sonics. I did replace the sovtek 6922 with bugle boys 6dj8 in my sf dac and I preferes the sovteks. More focused was my take.
Justlisten ignore my spelling and I hope you find a solution yo your post.