RS 232

I am going to buy a home theater soon centered around a HD rear projection TV. I am in the process of putting in the wires. We are remodeling a house. I will be buying a high quality amp and sound processor?pre-amp. I am looking at what type of wires to put in before we sheet rock. I have put in the speaker wires. I am looking at what to run from the equipment rack to the TV which will be 10 feet away. What is a RS 232 cable/connection used for. Can anyone give me some input on cables. Thanks,
You may also want to consider what you put these wires in. If you want flexibility and/or the ability to revise wiring, plastic conduit can allow much easier replacements or upgrades in the future.

May seem a little spendy now but installing in finished walls can easily run 10-20 times as expensive as new construction installs.
The rs-232 port is used for down loading software to your system. This port allows you to down load upgraded software from your computer to your pre-amp via a null modem cable. I have pulled software right off the internet and down loaded to my pre-amp using this port. It's pretty neat. I don't think I'd worry about pre wiring in walls but if you do make sure you use the right cable with your particular pre-amp.
A recommended cable for an RS232 data interface is CAT 5. We use it all the time here at the earth station. I can probably spring you some scrap cable, but you'll have to terminate it of course. Send me an email if interested.