Rowland vs Rowland

Hi to all this is martinez, a great fan of Mr Rowland
i'm evaluating to change my amp (model 8 dc wich work only in dc mode with its bps9)
i would ask if someone can give me its idea about model 8 TIHC versus newest 302
i heared only one time 302 but never the m8 tihc
thanks indeed for looking and replies
ciao to all

Martinez,I,also have the 8t with the BPS.A fine amp.However I recently sent the BPS to Rowland,for the update,which was to take the BPS OUT and replace the BPS with the NEW Switch Mode Power Supply.No more battery to deal with!!

This meant that I sent "ONLY" the BPS chasis to Rowland(165 lbs),and it was returned with the all solid state Switch mode unit,installed.It had many advantages over the BPS.Firstly,it dropped the weight to 85 lbs.It NO LONGER needs any battery,which as you know re-charges and loses some energy over time.It DOUBLES your output power,from 100 watts per channel with the BPS,to 200 watts per channel,with the new Switch Mode power supply.

Also,believe me,it runs in pure DC mode and is QUIETER than the BPS.It IS a MAJOR improvement to the BPS.Much more dynamic and open sounding.I would not want any newer model over this upgrade,which was not very expensive.The 8t circuitry was fabulous,and IMO you cannot do better than this update,so save your money,over a new unit,and take your family on a nice vacation,with the savings,compared to selling,and buying new.You'll thank me.

Call Rowland for the pricing,and availability.Mine cost 1250.00 U.S. dollars,when it was done.Even if higher today,the performance was SO MUCH better,that it was worth double the price,to me.Good luck!!
sirspeedy, is this new power supply similar to the outboard, switch mode unit used with the Model 10 and Model 12? Based on my experince woth the model 10, that upgrade is definitely something to consider.
I own the model 9 with BPS and it has the batteries.
If you change it to the switch mode powersupply, do you get clean power?
With batteries you have clean power but what if the batteries are removed?
Greetings Bernhard.
I just bought the Rowland model 6. Although it is 10 years old is is by far the best amp I have owned. I am driving the new Von Scweikert VR-7SE. They replaced the Manley 250's and the difference was stunning. Unbelievable deep tight bass, better mids and highs. I have them plugged into the ac and haven't used the batteries yet. Should I consider the upgrade if its possible with this Model?
Jeff Rowland assured me that the switch mode update was superior to the battery.He was right,IMO.I could not be happier.To me,the model 9 in this mode would be the best amp of all time.It IS DEFINITELY at least as quiet as the battery,and much more extended at the frequency extremes!!Much more dynamic as well!!

Due to scarcity,since the newer units are selling so well,you need to call Rowland(I don't know if the update is still on their web page)to ask for this FABULOUS update.Good luck to all!!
thanks indeed for your tips
but for you a model 8/9 updated how is then the newest 300 series?
i live in itly and send bps (also without batteries in colorado) is very expensive
however thanks for all
i forgot to ask another thing
someone has experience with different version of Model 8?


i also listened mine version (normal without T)

Martinez.I originally had a model 8(no T).My friend had a model "T",which sounded better to me.I then had the update to the model "T",which was a big improvement.

To my way of thinking,the 8 and 9 series of Rowland amps were overdesigned(a good thing)for High End audio.To me,the new stuff(model 300 etc.)while probably great,is still designed with an eye towards the home theater market.They are lighter,and more compact.

You can ask the Rowland factory,as to the cost of updating to a model 8t/switch mode(2 mods in one)and they can,also,give you ship costs.Remember,the ship cost coming back to you will be much cheaper than the cost of shipping to Rowland,because the unit will be lighter.It's all up to you.Good luck!!
thanks to all
i will let u know

Hey Snook2, Glad your enjoying those grand ol'e 1994 JRDG Model 6's monos... they are a real Ear Opener even at 2005 standards!
Thanks audiobugged. These are the most powerful sounding amps. Your right it was an ear opening experience and have had nothing close to this control of a speaker. A major surprise