Rotel RSP1570 VS Denon AVR3808ci or AVR2809ci

Hi Im using denon avr4306 for just preout only.and thinking replace rotel rsp1570($2500) or denon3808ci($1380) or 2809ci($999) for new decoding dts hd master & true dolby digital format.I needs your oppinion. I have separate power Amp so I dont care about music power from receivers
I am a Rotel fan, but I don't think (from what I've read) that the RSP-1570 is quite where it should be yet. My advice would be to go with the Denon AVR-3808CI. I got this receiver last year, and it does everything...and well. Using with an external Rotel RMB-1085 amp. BTW, you can get the 3808 for even less from 6th Ave...see references within discussion on won't be disappointed!
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Thanks Bob Reynold.Thats good to know.
now Im serching about Integra DTC9.8 but local dealer told me discontinuance and new DHC9.9 is cameout only diff 9.9 has THX Ultra Plus.....(9.8 has THX Ultra)
Thanks again..