Rotel RB-1090 v. Aragon 8008BB

I'm trying to decide between two used poweramps in very good condition--a Rotel RB-1090 poweramp and an Aragon 8008BB. I'll run them through a Rotel RC995 preamp to Taylo Reference monitors. I listen mostly to Baroque and Romantic Italian opera, Mozart, and lots of jazz (classic Ellington, Lester Young, and 50s-60s Monk, Trane, and Miles).

There is also the option of going smaller with a Denon PMA-2000 IVR.

Without addressing the possible synergy between two Rotel components, I'll suggest that the 8008BB is the better amp. Regardless of rating, the 8008 is going to be plenty powerful as well, it's way under-spec'd. I owned one for years and it's as good as much more expensive amps. Do you have any specific questions?
I owned an 8008BB and a rotel 1080. The aragon was the better amp.
What I read is the Aragon is more capable on the lower frequencies, though I wonder if that's more important for hard rock and jazz than the Baroque and 19th century Italian opera and Mozart I mostly listen to.

The Taylo Reference monitors I'm buying don't have the lowest half octave on the bottom--from 45Hz (= F# on the 0 octave) to 35Hz (=
C# on the 0 octave, so I wonder if the Aragon's capability will be available to me on these speakers.

What I also read and have been told is the Rotel is better on the higher frequencies, more detail, cleaner, etc. And that's what matters for the sopranos and big tenors in their arias. A lot of speakers/amps fail here, even very high-end equipment.

In terms of size and heat, they seem fairly similar.

On the other hand, I should eventually upgrade from the monitor speakers to larger units, which will bring out more bass, drive more air, etc. The Aragon may prove the better choice then.

I'm very torn.
What was it about the Aragon that made you judge it the better amp to the Rotel? I'm very curious about this.
I think you're wrong about the high end on the Aragon, but there's no substitute for actually listening yourself. Buy both used and sell the "loser"....easy for me to say, eh...
Thanks for the suggestion. I may not be able to listen to both before deciding, but I have listened to the Rotel. Glad to know your opinion of the Aragon re the higher frequencies. It's reassuring, though it makes it tough to choose.
I would go with the Aragon or the PMA. The PMA is a great integrated amp. Very musical and delivers very high current.

I'd Nix the Rotel from your list, and I'd punt the Rotel preamp too.