Rogue Metis preamp

I am interested in this preamp primarily because of its remote, headphone input and use of 6sn7 tubes (I already have some nice ones). I currently have an AES AE-3 preamp, and I have no complaints about the sound. However I have moved my 2 channel set up into a basement tv system and it would be nice to have a remote.

Any thoughts on how these two might compare? I have no interest in going backwards sonically, even for convenience. Anything else I should consider, I don't know of anything else under 1k that offers tubes, remote and headphone.
I have an AES, Easern Electric Minimax and a Metis. I bought them to go with a Will Vincent ST 70. I heard very good comments about all three and was able to find all three used in great shape on Agon so I figured why not have some fun. Only the Minimax is modded. Using a Rega P3, a sony tube output modded cd player and a Mac/HRT as sources. Have used all kinds of DIY single driver speakers, Hawthorne OBs and Spendors. My original plan was to find the preamp that sounded the best with the ST 70 and sell the rest. I cant decide! They all sound great to me. Now I have only been in this hobby for a few years and I was specifically looking for something to go with this amp (I really like this amp) so I am sure there are better informed opinions than mine but I dont think you will be going backwards.