Rogers Studio 1 Monitor

Can anyone educate me on the Rogers studio 1 monitors.
All I know is that they are somewhat associated with Spendor, and Kef, its an 8ohm 300 watt monitor made in england and Im guessing sometime around the 80's. I found one single speaker. After listening to it for a bit, I really wished I had the pair.
Any info is appreciated
These are made by the same company that makes the famous Rogers LS3/5a monitor. I had a pair for quite some. They are have a fairly flat FR i.e. +/- 2db at 2 meters. They are neutral in tone, neither boomy nor bright if properly driven (high quality SS will work or good tube amps but if the latter listen before you buy.

Good luck on finding as pair, they don't come up very often. If you actually find a pair the Studio 1A is the better/later model. The good news is if you find a pair they should be fairly cheap, they won't be in much demand. I was never able to sell mine (for $500) so I gave them to Goodwill.
The mid is a Celestion, the tweeter a KEF and the woofer is a Rogers. Black walnut cabinets with centered, round tapered lip forward vents. That makes them later production and cures the "bloom" of the earlier square vented models. They have a phase-corrected crossover design and are quite inefficient. I've had a pair I bought new and love them. One day, a driver or an electronic component will die, and I'll have to move on, but until then...

Newbee is correct that they want a lot of power; I use a MC 302 and that's just enough for my smallish listening area. They are rated to 300 W peak and respond 40 Hz to 20 kHz. IMHO, one of the best studio monitors ever made and very nearly the equal of the much better known (and much more expensive) B&W 801. Neutral, transparent and superbly musical.
Hi I was just wondering if you still had the studio one speaker ? I am looking for replacement parts. Thanks 
@joehernandez509 Falcon Acoustics can provide tweeters, mids and rebuild the crossovers.  Some cosmetic parts may be available, too.  If you cook the woofer, they're toast from what Falcon told me.  Falcon can be reached via  They also manufacture new 15 ohm LS3/5A to the original BBC / Rogers specification.

Good luck & happy listening!
Thanks for the response . I just found it , for some reason I didn't get a notification .
I just checked them out , unfortunately they don't have the celestion hf 1300 I need .