RIP RL Burnside

One of the last great ones dead at 78...
R.L. Burnside was one hell of a bluesman.

Saw him perform just a few years back and he had the joint jumpin' and the
young ladies charmed. Godspeed R.L.!

There have been a few deaths n the music world in the past few days:

The Cuban singer, Ibrahim Ferrer, also died at the same age (78) yesterday.
Robert Moog, inventor of the synthesizer, also passed away. Oh, and the
world seems to have lost Fats Dominio as well (Is he still missing?).

Fats Domino is alive and well in New Orleans.
Hope to see him again in the sweet bye and bye..
Heard the CBS radio report of RL's death. He was referred to,three times, as RJ Burnside. I almost drove off the road.
RJ died too?
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