RF Induced Humming??

I have cable TV and cable modem on one line. I can hear a humming sound coming from my speakers when my amp is on and nothing is being played. When I add a ground breaker to the cable coax at the jack in the wall the humming dissappears, but then I lose reception in my local TV stations and my cable modem loses connection. Does anyone have any solutions to this? Thanks.
First, lets get one thing straight! There is no such thing as RF induced Hum. You have pretty much proved yourself that you have a ground loop problem. If I were to phatom a guess, your cable box and modem have two prong plugs and ground is being derived from the shields of their coax. This is not a good thing and is probably causing your problem. Good Luck!
You're correct, the cable box and modem have no ground prong on their plugs. Your suggestion is supported by my observation that when I attach the ground breaker, or unplug the coax from the wall jack, the humming decreases. What is a ground loop problem? Are there any solutions? Thanks for the advice.
Hello Davesmith Mondial has a box that should fix your problem(the name escapes me at the moment) but if you look up there site they should have the info on this product. Best of luck