Review: Von Schweikert Audio VR-4.5 Speaker

Category: Speakers

This is going to be short and sweet. First, let me say this. Never, in my wildest imagination, would I have expected, a pair of speakers, that I purchased for my bedroom system for $1800 pr, to bring me so much musical pleasure and delight. I am left speechless buy how spectacularly these speakers perform, in my system, in my room (22'L X 20'W X 9'H). And they aren't even a current model speaker from Von Schweikert. I listen the all types of music and these speakers never fail to impress me with what ever I ask them to do. Deeeeeep, tight, thunderous bass, sweet liquid mids, smooooooth, sweet, never offensive, well extended highs like you wouldn't believe. These are also very natural, detailed, transparent and extremely dynamic speakers. Huge soundstage. 3D sound with super depth. You will experience the full scale and impact of any, I say again, any, type of misic you throw at these wonderful speakers. These speakers have to be one of the biggest, best kept secretes and values out there, IMHO. These speakers have that special something that some other brands can only aspire to. "They are magical (IMHO)." I conducted extensive research in deciding which speaker I would purchase for my bedroom system. I wanted a certified full range speaker. I also wanted to stay within the $2000 range. I know...that's not a lot for what I was seeking. Other contenders included: Thiel 3.6, Energy 2.8, Aerial Acoustic 10t, Siverline, Paradigm, B & W and others. I ended up with the 4.5's based solely upon owner comments and reviews, professional reviewer's reviews, Audio asylum, Audiogon reviews, and reviews from Audio Review. I've had, and currently have, some pretty high speed gear in my home, including: Revel Salons, Martin Logan SL-3's, Acoustat (?) they were large, Silverline Sonata, Avantgarde Duos (current speakers in my main system) and B&W N802. In conclusion, regardless of what these speakers retailed for new, for $1800 a pair or at $10,000 a pair, These speakers are "AWESOME."

Associated gear
Class'e Audio Ca-200 amp (PS Audio Lab II PC; Art Audio DM VPS preamp (Shunyata Python PC); Exemplar Audio Denon 3910 Universal player (Shunyata King Cobra V2 PC); Harmonic Tech Magic Link One interconnects; PS Audio Juice Bar/PS Audio Lab II PC.

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By George, I think he likes them. But, it must be hard to concentrate on other activities in the bedroom when the sound is so engaging. Unless you cue up Ravel's Bolero :>)
Love my VR4 GenIII HSE's! Albert's the man!