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I remember finding, at an early age, the music I loved from black and white cartoons was actually classical excerpts. Since then I've pursued all types of music, trying to expose myself to as much as possible. I have ended up with quite a collection on record and cd, now I just need the time to enjoy it all.

I like to use live sound as a reference and enjoy components that convey lifelike dynamics and timbre. I also enjoy components that portray good imaging and turn my room into a stage. I dislike fatiguing and harsh sound with overblown images. For the last few years I have been spending a lot of time and money on cables and resonance control. I have gained valuable and time saving information on Audiogon and other websites and thank all who spend time posting.

I have had the Solitone #1 speaker cable in my system for about a month now and am very happy with its performance. The first week I audition any cable I do not use the subs, trying to hear or not hear the properties of the cable through the speakers. My system is very revealing to me of even slight changes, having had the speakers for about ten years now I am used to their sound. The first thing I noticed was everything seemed to slow down, like a record on the wrong speed but the pitch was correct. At first it was noticeable then very relaxing, the noise floor seemed to lower also. I was playing the MOFI "Planets"/Solti Saturn and Uranus, the bass was so full and low I thought the subs were on, the pictures on my back wall were vibrating, they don't even do that with the subs on. I then pulled out the MOFI "Pines of Rome"/Mehta, same thing, deep full tight bass from just the main speakers.
When I add the subs, "Whoa", I love good bass, but not at the expense of the rest of the recording. With these cables the bass does not take over, it complements. There is a difference between deep low bass and loud overblown bass, this I do not like. It's nice to hear the full frequency spectrum reproduced in balance.

I have had cables that had great bass and harsh highs, great mids and highs, but lean bass, etc. I just end up settling for the best compromise. Don't get me wrong, the cables I've used in the past have been good and have improved upon prior cables just not to this degree.
The Solitone cables seem to be a total package, the mids and highs are clear and detailed, with plenty of air and ambience if on the recording. On Beck's "Sea Changes" the whole room seems to vibrate, starting at the front of the stage the sounds swirl up and over and take over the room on some songs. It is as if the music was compressed and the Solitone unzipped it. These cables really let my amp shine, but thats another story.

The DCC pressing of Ths Doors "LA Woman" the drumkit was right there, great dynamics, I was almost ready to serve refreshments. I am sensitive to drums as I have listened to my son's kit for about six years in the next room. It has been a few years now, but let me tell you it is etched in my brain. I have played quitar on and off for about 35 years and I know what electrics and acoustics sound like. The latest album by Jackson Browne "Solo Acoustic" is a live album and sounds great, excellent acoustic guitar reproduction. I know it's a cliche about going through your collection and listening as if new, well I won't go that far, but I am hearing familiar things in a different way. It's like the Cinerama Technicolor movies of the fifty's and the sixty's, a bit bigger than life, but still realistic.

It is hard to put in words the effortless flow of the music with these cables. I have not had megabuck cables in my system, but have heard them in shops and at CES shows, these cables do sound competitive to my ears. They are not inexpensive, but that is up to the user to determine. For me they are worth every penny. They could use better connectors, but the supplied connectors are adequate. The technical data is limited, but the proof is in the listening. These cables are handmade in Hungary. The website, explains some of the design criteria the distributer is These cables were used by Von Schweikert at CES 2006 who also thinks they are something special. I would appreciate if anyone auditions these cables, they could post their findings or email me,
I would like to confirm what I am hearing.

Happy Listening!

Other Recordings used:
Brian Bromberg Wood II
Dead Man Walking, Soundtrack
Danzas Medievales Espanolas, Eduardo Paniagua Group
Thin Red Line, Soundtrack
Music in a Bottle, 6moons/Sampler
Patricia Barber, Cafe Blue
Holly Cole, Temptation
Jeff Beck, Who Else

Glory Soundtrack
Fairport Convention, Unhalfbricking
Mike Oldfield, Hergest Ridge
Pink Floyd, Pulse
Wagner, Sheffield Labs
Black is the Color, Cyndee Peters Opus 3
Lizst, Piano Concerto # 1, 2, Richter/Phillips
Elliot Fisk, Guitar Mark Levinson Acoustic Recordings
Discovered Again, Dave Grusin
Kind of Blue, Davis/Classic

Associated gear
H2O S250 Signature Amp
Spectron Model 10 Preamp
Wilson WATT/PUPPY 5 Speakers
Kinergetics 105.2 Subwoofer, Pair
ATI 1502 amp for subs
Well Tempered Classic (modified)
Grado Sonata
Cal Audio Icon Mk 2, used as transport.
Audio Mirror DAC
VH Audio Airsine PC on Amp
Michael Wolff PC on pre, dac, transport.
Oritek X2 IC
Oyaide SWO-XXX outlets
Neuance platforms
Aurios bearing supports

Similar products
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Pure Note Cerulean
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I have received a full set from Hungary. They are currently under audition. Will write a full report about them soon.
First impression is +ve.

Schwinnindia [Mumbai / Bombay]



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XLO Electric Type 4.1B AES/EBU Digital Interconnect Cable 1M
Solitone - Hungary 1.5M Un-Balanced Interconnect [Spare - Stand By]
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