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I received a call one afternoon from Richard Gerberg of Modern Audio (ProAc Speakers), suggesting I listen to an a/c power cord from Sain Line Systems. My first reaction was “great, all the industry needs is another cable manufacturer”. Richard and I have similar tastes and we are both skeptical of new products on the market. We both like Audio Research tube equipment combined with ProAc loudspeakers. Since Richard was so enthusiastic about this product, I called Chris Sain at Sain Line Systems. My first impression was maybe Chris knew what he was talking about. A week or so later I received a 1M Pure Current Macro Power Cable. I installed the cable directly from the wall to an Audio Research VSi60 integrated tube amp. After several days, the cable had gone from slightly compressed to very open clean sound with a bit of edginess. I phoned Chris to explain what I had heard and that I was going to return the cable to him. He urged me to listen for at least another 48 hours and wow was he right! The music was now very open, detailed, with articulate deep bass and nothing but a silky smooth top end.

Now my problems began. This power cable was so good I was addicted, I had to have another one. I placed an order for a second Pure Current Macro Power cable. Upon receiving the cable I quickly attached it from the wall to the Audio Research CD5. Four days later I was hearing dynamics, clarity and openness giving me a sound stage with imaging I never dreamed possible. I wanted more of the above and decided to take a chance on his interconnects. I asked Chris what he would suggest for an audio interconnect. He sent me 2 different cable configurations to try not telling me what they were and asking me to phone him after a week of auditioning with my opinion of the cables. It turned out the cable I preferred was a new design of ultra pure silver with Furutech rhodium/carbon fiber RCAs. Currently my system consists of an Audio Research VSi60 tube integrated amp, Audio Research CD5 CD player, ProAc Tablette Anniversary speakers with Sain Line System cables (2-1M Pure Current Macro Power Cables and 1-1M Pure Signal Interconnect) and an 8’ pair of Harmonic Technology Pro-9 Reference external bi-wire speaker cables.

After 22 years in the audio industry, I can honestly say the Sain Line System cables are without a doubt the best cables I have never heard, they have no sound of their own. What I mean is these cables manipulate the sound of your system the least of any cable I have had in my system to date. I will warn you when you audition Chris’ cables in your system you will not want to return them. At this stage of my life I am not easily impressed but I will say Sain Line System cables have excited me to the point where I now spend hours and hours in the evening listening to my extensive CD collection again for the first time. Customers tell me they have not experienced such realistic vocal and instrument imaging in any other system they have auditioned. I am continually told that pianos, violins, drums, etc. are literally in the room in front of the listener. You know you’re your system is right when you forget that you are listening to electronics. One customer felt that she was in the recording studio with Michael Buble. You will find Sain Line System Cables to be a very easy sale once your customer puts them in their system.

Bob Swimm

Associated gear
Audio Research Vsi60, CD5, ProAc Tablette Anniversary Speakers and Harmonic Technology Pro-9 Ref external bi-wire speaker cables.

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Right on Bob! I could not agree more. I've had Sain Line Systems power cords and interconnects in my main system for years. Having done multiple blind A/B tests I can honestly say they are the best sounding cables I have ever heard. Often besting industry leaders whose price points are many multiples higher. Honestly, at first, I was skeptical that cables made a significant difference. I now know that good ones do. The SLS digital cable added a level of liquidity I've never heard at my house and got back into CD's (I'm still a vinyl/tube junky). Sain Line System cables offer the most resolution without coloration or soundstage compression, and just plain let the music through, which is the point to me.

Bill Tripp
Minnesota Public Radio

Assoc Gear: Audio Research, Pass Labs, Revel, Cal Labs, Rega.
I first auditioned the Sain Line interconnects 15 years ago and they have never left. At the time I thought I had the apex cable of the time NBS King Serpents. Well, as in the Game of Thrones, the NBS Kings were "Ned Starked" by the Sain Line. Plenty of detail with out slapping you in the face. That's tough to do while maintaining a smooth top end, no worries with the Sain's. These also come with 40 feet of Intergalactic Beastie Boy sound stage. Which might be my favorite part. I will close with my favorite saying "No Sain, no gain".
anyone tried the sain line Reference with the Kimber PK10 Palladium cables?