Review: RS Audio Solid Silver & Kevlar Starchord Interconnect

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While searching for a way to improve the bottom end in my system, I came aross with less expensive way by playing with cables. In the past, I used to put least effort and investment on cables until now. Perhaps economical condition forces me to pay attention to this weak link in my system. Up to now, I had settled with JPS products on IC/speaker cable after few attempts on other kind of cables.

After doing some reading on Audiogon and Audio Asylum, I started with Bogdan and RS Audio Cable products. However, I decide to try on RS Audio since they support trial period concept. In my mind, it would be impossible to design a cable to satisfy all possible combinations of all products in the market.

I ordered the RS Solid Silver interconnect first. With total cost $105 ($99 + $6 shipping) for 1m RCA IC, I really did't expect much. The cable arrived within few days, as soon as I replaced it with my JPS Superconductor+, I experienced the total new dimension in my system. Better stereo separation, soundstage improved, more transparency and higher resolution, and particular the midrange where this cable really distance it from others. With this cable, it is increasing difficulty for me justify my second system where I have Welbourne Lab SET amp to drive Living Voice Avantar speakers.

I was so impressed with Solid Silver so I went ahead to order Kevlar Starchord power cord from RS Audio. Since MF Nu-Vista doesn't have standard IEC 15A, so I had to order special request UK IEC plug on Kevlar PC. I think that I solved the weakness bottom end on Nu-Vista after conneting Kevlar cord to Nu-Vista. Bass is deeper, tighter and more distinct. Strong recommendation to Nu-Vista owners, before upgrade to aother amp, try the power cable from RS Audio, you might change your decision.

Associated Music
Patricia Barber - Companion
Warren Hill - Love Songs
Narada Decade
Diana Krall - When I look in your eyes
Norah Jones - Come away with me
Claude Challe & Ravin - Nirvana Lounge
Circle du Soleil - Quidam
Salena Jones - My love
Jackson Browne - The naked ride home
Jack Johnson - On and on

Associated gear
Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista M3
Sony SCD-XA777ES
JM Lab Mini-Utopia
JPS Superconductor Speaker Cable

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About 2 weeks I recieved 2 pair of RS silver IC's to connect from CD to PRE and from PRE to active speakers (Mackie HR 824) and have been VERY happy. All the good press I've read such as yours are right on. Fantastic cable.
Trying RS Audio Cable PC (Kevlar Starchord) on YBA Integre DT also. Amazing result, deeper bass, more transparency, better soundstage, resolving YBA thin sounding issue..