Review: Proceed PRE Preamplifier

Category: Preamps

Musical tastes, includes jazz, country, rock, soft rock, classical, just about everything. Most important aspects of sound for me, is that when the music stops, you don’t hear anything.Nothing is more annoying to person who is listening to some music, and a soft or quiet spot comes up and you hear something beside quiet or soft music.When a system makes noise when its not suppose to. This pre is new to me, but have had one on lone. That’s why I went out and got one .It has balanced in/out,and sounds great.The proceed has great mid & low frequency ranges.Also you do not hear nothing but music,no hiss ticks pops or color added.I used to have a Superphon, which had excellent highs. Went to balanced system, should have done this years ago. When you go to balanced system you leave all the noise behind, that’s nice. Trying to find balanced components can be difficult. If money were no object, would probably own a krell reference,audio research reference.

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krell,arcam,martinloganQuest,systemdeck IIx,Musetex,demon

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