Review: Parasound HCA-1000a Amplifier

Category: Amplifiers

I think I am in love. From the minute I pulled this baby out of its double box and loosed it from its slumber, I have been in a state of sonic euphoria. Sweet, sweet sounds roll from the bouncing cones of my speakers and come to pluck all desire of doing anything else from my head. This amp has caressed me, lulled me, beat me, and mangled me all in one sitting. It does everything so well. Drums on the ultimately well-recorded CD ""Thar They Blow" by the Nuclear Whales (An amazing all-saxophone orchestra that records live to two tracks of musical perfection), snap and bloom like I never new possible on synthetic soundwaves. This amplifier has control and a red streak that will make you afraid but unable to run as you sit frozen in extacy. Buy one, plug it in, buy some nice speaker cable, and prepare to be in rapture.

Associated gear
Yamaha RX-V800 receiver
Audiquest Ruby interconnects
Sony CDP-XA20ES CD player
Sony DVP-S530D DVD player
Paradigm 9SEmk3 loudspeakers
Audioquest Type-4 speaker wire

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