Review: Outlaw 1050 Multichamp

Category: Amplifiers

Yes, it's a bargain, but don't imagine that this unit sounds quite as good as more expensive gear. It DOES sound better than a Yamaha or Onkyo (SLIGHTLY), but I think it's less sweet than a Marantz. Compared to my old Amphi Mondial HT reciever, it also lacks power, unable to control the bass well at higher volumes. The Mondial was rated at just 5 watts more, so I wonder abot the Outlaw's headroom. The Mondial also had a deeper soundstage. For small to midsize speakers, the Outlaw is fine. Beyond that you'll need more power or a sub to take off some pressure to the mains. My mains are very large Carver Amazing Silvers, so I'm asking a lot for 65 watts, but the 70 watt Mondial did not compress as much and that's a fact.
Still, this a good value for the HT fan. If you listen more to music, you may want to look at a few other amps. The idea with the Outlaw is that it's a cheap backdoor for DTS and such while dust settles on various formats. It's a good HT bandaid amp for now.
I'm adding a Rotel 1080 or 1090 shortly. Then I'll wait for the right preamp to surface.

Associated gear
Carver Silver Ribbons, Paradigm PS-2200 sub, MIT Cables, Paradigm rears and center.

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