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I just regret not to post this review on first day of this month but will keep up some of that flavour in my review.
There are very tricky questions above if you've ever posted any review but they're quite simple to answer but not neccesarily in the order that is being asked above:

My musical tastes reside in artistic music that is often quite sophisticated. For a long time I stopped categorizing for jazz or rock and it's just a music for me that I like. The most thing that can turn me off in the system to listen to is "listen to this recording". The main reason to choose Irridium and many other described small venues for exceptional perception of a live music that is mostly heard from instruments and not speakers. The band "auditioned" there was Art Ensemble of Chicago. I had ordered Seagram 7 and enjoyed two shows(for the next one you have to only pay a cover charge). The joy of listening to these talents was uncomparable with listening to any home audio equipment.
Their music was mostly abstract and deeply avantgarded but one piece I spotted in their own version of Coltrane. Other clubs listed bellow are also great having approximately the same acoustics. I regret that Bottom Line club had been out of business (I guess I'd have to thank to our "beloved" Mike Bloomberg). Blue Note and Birdland clubs have too much mainstream jazz and much larger capacitance so I guess some places could be either hard to see performers or worse sounding while at Irridium everything is smaller and tighter. Despite that the Carla Bley's 18 piece band was performing without problems. Next week I'll shoot for San Ra Arkestra and will certainly hope that this club will survive "Blumbergizm" for some more time...

My introduction to the clubs listed was quite a long time ago and the most strong point that it give to my home system a reasonable break for a great exchange to a live music. Some of these clubs have a cover charge of $10 to buy some drink and some of them are just for the entrance fee which vary from $20 to $35 and if money was completely no object I would realy switch to the live conserts only.

Associated gear
Just ears and eyes.
Mouth is optional if you want a drink or food.

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Correction please!
The Bottom Line sunk because of New York University's penchant for swallowing up every square inch of downtown - and because the owners were not the greatest of businessmen.
Not everything is the Mayor's fault.