Review: Musical Concepts SuperConnect IV - Improved Interconnect

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Well John Hillig at Musical Concepts has done it again. I call these the improved version all though he does not. Recently purchased some more cable from him and they came with this new RCA connector. Just totally amazing what these new RCAs do compared to the old ones. The whole sound stage opens even more, with much more depth.

I called John and ask if he could retrofit my older Super Connects with this new RCA. No problem,so shipped back my other Super Connects for him to retrofit the new RCAs on to.

The SuperConnect IV has always been the best interconnects available. And at their price point nothing else even comes close. Now with the new RCA jacks these cables move several steps higher in sonics.

If you have older Super Connects you can have them retrofitted with the newer RCAs.

If on the other hand you are looking for some killer interconnects that won't wreck the wallet. Then look no further - order a pair today, they will simply astound you.

There is a lot of snake oil out there when it comes to interconnects. No snake oil here, just fabulous value for the money and the sonics will totally astound you.

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