Review: MS Audio Baby Anaconda Power cord

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budget esoterica review magazine
November 2013 issue

Loofah sponge revenge/inexpensive power cord survey part II.

The budget esoterica reference team is pleased to bring you the worldwide premier review of the baby anaconda power cord from ms audio. The baby anaconda is available for purchase from vintage audio lab for the very reasonable price of $50 plus $20 shipping. The power cord uses 7N high purity OFC copper conductor, emi insulation and rhodium plated plugs.
The cord is fairly thick and comes in a black tech flex jacket with a gold line pattern. Fit and finish is very nice and it was shipped with bubble wrap protection and arrived without any damage. The strengths of this power cord are, musicality, pure sound and sound stage stability, with a slight robustness thrown in for good measure.

Larry discovered an amazing cd by Ahmad Jamal from the priceless jazz collection that had us fooled into thinking we were listening to a high end turntable. On track number 9
we noticed that the highs were a little sharper than usual. Drums had a "bouncy" quality and were placed with good depth into the sound field. Sue commented that it literally sounded like someone was bouncing a heavy ball several feet behind the plane of the speakers. Rhythm , timing and coherence is very good. At times the piano seems to be a little "lit up". Highly recommended cd, by the way.

Harold Land is another jazz artist that is new to me. We listened to "Harold Land in the land of jazz", and the budget esoterica listening studio was filled with smiles and feelings of enlightenment. Track number 4, titled "Nieta" is my favorite track on this cd. The highs are full and solid sounding with a good sense of weight. They also sounded slightly polished and smooth. The horns seem to be a little fuller and the overall sound is more musical.

Art Pepper is a saxophone player who sometimes has a quiet intensity and this trait makes him very interesting to listen to. Live jazz fans would appreciate his recording of "Tokyo Debut", from 1977. At the beginning of the introduction the vocals sound slightly robust, as well as clear and neutral. The hand clapping sounds full and coughs are clearly heard in the background. During the Art Pepper intro you can hear strong whistling above the applause. On track 2 the horns are very clean with good tonal balance. The keyboards come in slightly to the left and in front of the saxophone. Good noise reduction was apparent.

MS audio has come out with an excellent entry level power cord for $50 that should gain appeal for audiophiles who appreciate a pure sound with good tonal balance. Budget esoterica magazine would like to award this power cord a 4 out of 5 loofah sponge rating. A recommended bargain!

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