Review: Mordaunt Short MS-10i Monitor

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I'll try to make this as easy to read as possible, using the format suggested by Audiogon ~

Musical Tastes ~ The total spectrum. At any one time I'll have Alice in Chains/Sarah McLaughlin (sp?)/Tool/Beethoven/Outkast in my CD player. These speakers handle all of the music well.

Important aspects of sound ~
I do not like to hear a harsh/bright speaker, and these speakers are as smooth as silk. The mids and highs are great. Obviously a little lacking in the bass department, but w/ 90% of rock/contemporary music, there is enough bottom end to not be annoying.

Turnoffs in sound ~ BRIGHTNESS. I can't stand to hear a cymbal crash and grit my teeth together. When I'm listening to Tool ~ a very musical band, even though their stuff is considered hard ~ I like to hear Maynards voice strong and deep, but not bright. Same goes for the cymbals off of the drumb beats...they are there, but they do not overpower the extremely complex drum beats, which move quickly and w/out any hesitation.

Duration ~ I have had these speakers for over 4 years now...and have loved them in Stereo and HT applications.

Strengths ~ They may not be a master a single trade, but they are very good at everything, for a mini-monitor. Smooth mids, highs and a very respectable low end.

Weaknesses ~ I do not have any for a speaker this size, at this price point. This speaker is not designed to give you room rattling bass, but I have an Energy SL-8 Sub that fills in the gaps very well. I have had a hard time finding a speaker that sounds better than this little guy, that doesn't cost twice as much.

Bottom Line ~ Of course, if money were no object I would get a new set of speakers, just to have a new set of speakers. But I have had these for over 4 years, and have gotten the upgrade itch quite a few times. However, I cannot find a better speaker where the sound/cost ratio makes it worth whil to change. I have changed the components around these speakers (upgraged) and they just keep sounding better.

Eventually my never ending need to spend $$ on audio gear will get the best of me, and I'll upgrade. But for a speaker <$500-600 you cannot do better. I really urge anyone who has a chance to listen to these little guys used to do so.

Associated gear
Harman Kardon Sig 2.0 Pre
Crown Com-Tech 410 Amp (205 watts Continuous)
Marantz CD-65 SE CD Player
Straightwire BI-Wiring

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