Review: Merlin Music Systems Merlin VSM MXe Speaker

Category: Speakers

I upgraded my MX to MXe and run it for more than a hundred hours now. If you want one sentence to summary the improvements from MX, I can say that the overall sound of MXe is one or more levels higher than MX.
The MXe sounds richer, fuller, more detailed, more focused, more dynamic, more natural, and more coherent with more bass. You feel much closer to the music than with MX.

The lead free upgrading is a magic.

I strongly recommend that every Merlin owner to do the lead free upgrade.

Associated gear
TNT6_HR with 12.5 Arm, Transfiguration Temper W Cartridge, Manley Steelhead Phono Pre, Berning ZH-270, Merlin VSM-MXe, Stereovox SEI600 II IC, Cardas Golden Reference Speaker Cable, PS Audio Power Plant Premier, etc.

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Couple or more levels lower than Merlin
B&W Nautilas 803
Can you or Bobby or anyone please remark on how forgiving the Merlins are for less-then-stellar recording, like 60s-80s rock, the Beatles, Jim Croce, Carly Simon, Simon and Garfunkel, CSN&Y? Thank you.