Review: marble Bianco Carrara Tweak

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Budget esoterica review magazine
May 2013 issue

Budget esoterica review magazine is pleased to bring you a world wide exclusive review of the marble bianco carrara slab. The slab measures 12 inches square and 3/8 inch thick. It comes in a polished finish and is available for purchase on for $8.50 for one slab. Be sure to purchase the bianco carrara finish or you might not get the same results.

This excellent marble tweak will be used in conjunction with the penn-elcom F1690 rubber feet. Place the penn-elcom footers on your stereo shelf so that it will support the marble shelf at equilateral positioning. Position the marble slab on top of the footers and make sure that all four footers are well seated between your shelf and the slab of marble. Then , carefully position the sony playstation on top of the marble so that it is centered correctly. You are now ready to experience one of the best and cheapest tweaks available. I pulled out a few cd's from the budget esoterica music library that will show off the benefits of this simply stunning and affordable tweak.

If you like vibes and are a fan of milt jackson you may want to check out "soul fusion". This is a very good recording that might make you feel like you are at a live concert. Listening to track two i noticed that the vibes have an airy and round sound. The sound stage seems more stable and the recording has a three dimensional feel. The sound seems to be more "open" and "lively". I noticed a better rendition of instruments that were placed further back in the sound stage. The overall sound seems more "present".

The next reference cd i listened to is the splendid "milagro" cd performed by the amazing musician that goes by the name of santana. I like track three on this disc. On this particular track i noticed clean highs and an almost analog like sound. The vocals are fairly clear and santana's spanish accent comes through well. The transient highs seem a little more focused and the overall sound seems to be meatier.

If you want to listen to an amazing recording that will show off your hi-fi system , plop in the andy summers cd titled "Peggy's blue skylight". I listened to track number three, "reincarnation of a lovebird". I noticed a tad richer sound than i am used to. Dynamics seem to be improved and the music seems to have an effortless quality to it. There is a very good sense of airiness and the highs are nice and crisp. The sound is very "open" sounding. I noticed a good sense of "whack" to the drums.
You can almost have a sense of "seeing into the recording".
The drums also have a very good sense of presence.


cleaner sound
sharper sound
more texture
cleaner transients
improved separation
smoother highs
smoother mid range
punchier bass and tighter and more defined
airier highs
crisper sound

The budget esoterica team was so impressed with this tweak that we are going to give it an editor's choice award and name it the official playstation one tweak! I urge all audiophiles who currently are using the sony playstation one as a source to at least try this tweak in your system and see how you like it! I am sure it would work well with larger sources also, if you could find a larger slab. Stay tuned , because this summer we are coming out with more reviews that we think you will like.

Associated gear
arcam 8r with aucharm fuse
madisound vifa studio speakers
sony playstation with hirakawa pc
virtue audio nirvana ic
WL moonshine speaker cable
tara labs prism power cord
atacama stands