Review: Marantz DV-3100 Video

Category: Home Theater

I listen to Classic Rock , Jazz, Classical, and the Blues. I like a clear precise sound and a clear picture obviously. My movie tastes tend toward Sci Fi and Action. I won't tolerate an unreliable system. With the DV-3100 I haven't had to worry about that. It has performed flawlessly for the year and a half that I have owned it. It is my first DVD player but I compared it to various units from Panasonic, Sony and Pioneer in the same price range, before I purchased it. None of these could hold a candle to the Marantz for audio or video. It's easy to set up and operate. The picture is crystal clear, but because it does not have progressive scan their are artifacts when the action speeds up. The audio on my ultra cheap system is amazing. I listened to it with B&W's before the purchase and that's what clinched it for me. The unit is a bit slow to start but I just use the time to get my popcorn and beer. If money were no object I would get one of the new universal players that have just recently come out. This player would make an excellant second system for the bedroom then.
I definately recommend this player for the budget conscious.

Associated gear
Mitsubishi 55" 55807 Rear Projection TV
Technics SA-EX140 Stereo Receiver
Cheap DIY Optimus 2 way monitors
Modified ADS SW500 subwoofer
I'm pleased someone is as happy about the musical quality of this player as I am. My taste is mainly for music and occasional DVD video. I bought my player 18 months ago to start a home theatre setup together with a Marantz SR5200. Because I mainly listen to music I've tried to inprove the musical qulity of my system over a period of time and I have progressed from B&W 604's for fronts to Paradigm Studio 100's and have added a Rotel 993 amp to drive them. I still use the SR5200 as a pre-amp. I'm happy with the sound from the Rotel and Paradigm combination but decided that I might want to move to an all Rotel setup and decided to try a more expensive dedicated cd player from Rotel in place of the Marantz - what a disapointment. I'm sticking to Marantz