Review: Magnepan Magneplanar 3.7 Speaker

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I have owned Magneplanars for 30+ Years these are the best I have ever had after only two days of burn in they sound incredible low level detail, clarity presence and punch. I encourage you to try them with what ever equipment combo you have because they seem like they do not need as much current to drive as before I myself would have paid twice the price to get this kind of always go hear them for your self I think you will find them to be an amazing product that will set the standard for mid priced gear for years to come.

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Have you thought of treating your room? I would seriously think of treating the upper corners and behind the speakers using an attractive absorption treatment.
everything is inside the walls and floor the room was custom built it gets very warm but it does the job.[
Harry Pearson's part two review in the Absolute Sound is out,as i stated in my mini review 3-28-11 this speaker is very special.It's nice to see that HP agrees with me.
I had considered writing a lengthy and detailed review after three months of listening, but frankly the 3.7s are only an incremental improvement over my previous 3.6s. Personally I believe the TAS reviews were a tad on the hyperbolic. I would have been more prudent to audition the 3.7s prior to purchase, 6K to scratch the new gear itch! ARC VT200; Ref 3; CD3; PH5 etc....
I think every thing is improved.low level detail for late night listening is not incremental but huge I stand by what I said this will be the speaker to beat in the $5,000 to $10,000 range.
My pair of 3.7 just arrived at the dealership. I got the aluminum frames. I will place them on Myesound stands equipped with Stillpoints OEM feet. HiFi Tuning Gold fuses will replace those supplied by Magnepan. The 3.7 replace 3.6, which were bi-wired. No provision for bi-wiring the 3.7, but I'll attempt to use both runs at the single pair of inputs. Most of the installations I've seen place the tweeters inboard. Mark Winey recommended that do so. I had determined the 3.6 worked better with tweeters outboard, possibly because the tweeter was so much faster than the midrange panel.
Received my 3.7s last week and have been listening to them just about every day. They are not broken in but these are the best speakers I've had in my system ever. They are the best Maggies I've heard yet. Coherent top to bottom without a tilted up center of gravity; meaty and musical; low level detail/resolution at all volume levels; great imaging for a planar speaker; voices/instruments to normal scale on tall, wide, deep soundstage; great tempo and flow and delicacy where called for; tight, controlled, energetic low end; etc. I am really impressed and happy with these speakers. First time in the past year, I've stopped analyzing what I am hearing and kick back and enjoy the music.