Review: Linar Audio Linar 250 Power Amplifier Amplifier

Category: Amplifiers

I bought this amp to match my Linar Audio Preamplifier 2. This is one of the most dynamic amplifiers I have ever heard. The first time I heard it, it was driving a pair of Sonus Faber Amati Homage, and I instantly fell in love (with both the amp and the speakers). I had a chance to A/B the Linar against the Classe Omega monoblocks and the Linar was very close. It now drives my Grand Pianos with ease. The amp seems to allow all the musical details to come through, including the emotion and involvement with the music. Music sounds effortless, with no hint of restraint, coloration, or loss of dynamic range.
In terms of styling the amp is a quite large, though not unnecessarily so (like a couple of manufacturers I can think of). The slab of Acrylic Plastic is backlit in blue which is quite stunning at night. Construction quality is excellent, and the amp is bridgeable to 500 watts per channel at 8 ohms, or 1000 at 4 ohms. It also has XLR inputs.
I have enjoyed this amp so much that I offered to become a local seller for Linar as there is no retailer in my area.

Associated gear
Linar Audio Pre-Amplifier 2
Rega Planet 2000 CD Player
Acoustic Zen Silver Ref Interconnect
Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref Interconnect
Acoustic Zen Hologram MkII Speaker Cables
Acoustic Zen Tsunami Power Cord

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