Review: Gallo Acoustics Nucleus Micro Speaker

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I was shopping around for a compact pair of speakers
with good sound. Size and look were important to me as my
living room is not that big, about 12x15. Still, I didn't
want to sacrifice sound quality. There were quite a few choices
for good sound only, but choice was very tight when I count for
size and aesthetics.

Then, I encountered Gallo Micros. After reading through all
the reviews, pros and cons, I decided to give it a try. Their
ball shape was very pleasing to eyes and the really compact
size was perfect fit in my room. I coupled'em with a Pinnacle
Baby Boomer subwoofer, because it can cover up to 150Hz and
Gallo Micros can go only as low as 120Hz.

Initially, I doubt how these small balls can make a full range
sound. When turned on, these boys blew up my doubts. The highs
sounded crystal clear and crisp, the mids sounded rich and pure.
Of course, the base was well blended into the Baby Boomer and
I was very happy to listen to these speakers. It's been about
fortnight now to own these speakers, and I find myself lisetning
to music much more than before. I tried different types of
music, classic, jazz, and rock'n roll, they all sounded great.
Especially, female vocals sound very pleasing. I also tried
movies and they handled Home Theater very well as well.

These speakers "require" a good sub as they are designed to produce
only down to 120Hz on the low side. I personally think Pinnacle
Baby Boomer is a very good match. Also, do NOT use the speaker
cables that come with these speakers. I didn't believe it until
I tried myself, cable DOES make difference with these speakers.
When I switched to Monster cable, the already good sound got
much more rich and had wider sound stage.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Gallo Micros to those who are
looking for good-sounding speakers without taking up living
space. These speakers, when coupled with a good sub and a decent
cable, not only sound awesome but also add a touch of aesthetics
to the living space.

Associated gear
Pinnacle Baby Boomer Digital Subwoofer

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I agree. Was looking for a small system to power my HT set-up and ran across these little guys. Got them second hand for a song. Wow. The Gallo's really surprised me. Great with Dolby Digital. Also got the Gallo MPS 150 powered sub, very good as well. Although I have a high end system for my serious two channel listing, the Gallo's are not bad with music! Highly recommended for HT in small to medium sized rooms. Very good for music if space is an issue, or wife!
I agree with the previous comments about being good with music. Even with the passive Gallo sub-woofer, the supplied cables and cheap power and signal sources, I've spent many a pleasant hour upstairs listening to 2 and 6 channel music. I do have a decent audiophile rig downstairs at many times the price of my HT rig and the Gallos carry themselves well in comparison.
Try the Baraka DVD with the Gallos for musical "engagement".
It is interesting to see that there are several more copy cats (which I haven't yet auditioned) on the market now. I have had the Gallos for several years now and it'll be 10 years or more before I even think about replacing them. I've even been crazy enough to make that same promise to my wife and speaking of my better half, the only WAF problem that I have had was making sure that the cables were well concealed.
Good luck.