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Journey From MC to MM/MI

I returned to vinyl 2 years ago. After extensive reading of cartridge reviews I was convinced that a moving coli cartridge was the only sound investment. After each moving magnet cartridge review they would compare it to a moving coil and exclaim that it wasn’t quite as good as a m.c. Because of the need for entry level cartridges I began with a Denon DL160. It was the first cartridge I had heard in thirty years so needless to say I was impressed. I then moved up to a Denon 103R and a Denon step up transformer along with a tube phono pre amp. What a pleasant upgrade. Greater lows, mids and high end, it was an incredible improvement in detail. I thought surely it couldn’t get better than a moving coil………..until I read the thread ” Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC”. Yesterday I mounted an Empire OP250 MM/MI. I removed the step up transformer and went directly into my tubed pre-amp. I sat up into the wee hours listening to album after album to compare and to be wowed by this new cartridge. I haven’t been able to find any specifications for this cartridge but I will say that right out of the box it was kicking sand in the face of my Denon 103R. It’s difficult to comprehend that a 30 year old “P” mount cartridge could sound better than the latest and greatest Denon 103R.
I would like to thank Raul and all the other contributors to the “Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC” thread for showing me a better way along with the opportunity to own vintage cartridges for a fraction of the cost of a moving coil. This particular cartridge cost a total of $56. If anyone has any information on this Empire OP250 it would be appreciated.


Associated gear
Accustat Power amp
Sheer Audio tube phono pre amp
JVC QLY3F Turntable

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