Review: DH Golden Cones all Tweak

Category: Accessories

I listen primarily to large-scale classical music and some jazz.Primary test record is Telarc Pines of Rome.
I want smoothness, detail,dynamics and instrumental timbre. What I do not want is shrillness or edge at all.
I've been using DH cones for about six months, replacing Tiptoes and Mapleshade brass cones.
The DH cones have added smoothness, imaging and dynamics. However, one must be sure to use the proper size for the component. They are so good, they aren't a tweak, they're a component. Yes, if money were no object, I would still own them.

Associated gear
Tringle speakers, Monarchy amps, CI preamp, Monarcy DPI's, Rega transport, LAT cables.

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