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Cable Review:
DCCA Audio The Source
Power Cord.
Date: 6/22/06.


Rogue 88 Tube Amp.
Yamaha Preamp/Antique Sound lab LHO1.
Belcanto dac-2, Chang 3200 PLC.
Speakers are the B.G. 420’s Bolender Ribbons.
My background: Electronic Tech, Telemetry/Radars.
25 years U.S. Gov. Audio/Videophile. 25 years.

Don at DCCA was nice enough to send me these fine looking power cords. They remind me of the awesome looking power cords from Synergistic Research but not as stiff. At lese I can mussel and bend the DCCA cords. They are a little stiff but they will stay in place once you bend them into position. The cables and connectors are state of the art and they have that solid quality to them, like the old audio gear they use to make when they made stuff right back then.

Well I gave the Source power cord to hi-fi Dave and said hey put this on your c-d/dvd player, and try it on the your Classe preamp as well. A few days latter he said he like the source pc cord a lot, I said did you put it on the c-d player? Not yet. I guess he really like the cord on the Classe preamp. I said it’s made for source equipment so try it there too. The next day I went over to here the cord, I said hey put the Source on the Myryad dvd player and pop in a c-d. Dave is a little impatient with gear sometimes, but he has a nice system and good ears. We played a few songs and took out the sock cord. The Source power cord made its way right in the system. The c-d player open up big time! I could hear it right off the bat! Dave’s big B&W 800’s grew 3 ft taller and 3ft wider and the front to back perspective was three-dimensional sounding. The low-end growl this cord makes is very deep but not boomy. Maybe the best I heard so far. The Source pc cord gave his system that rainbow effect, man! That big bold warm sound made you just kick back and enjoy the music. I said hey Dave what do you think? I like it he said, it sounds good, it reminds me of the big Synergistic designer reference active shielding cord I just had the other day. I said I know it reminds me of it too.

Day 1. And back home with the Source pc cords plug into my bel canto dac-2. Out cam my Harmonic Tech AC-11 cord and in went in the Source. The BASS on this cord is probably the best out there. It sounds like real bass, not hi-fi bass. You feel the low-end weight, and I could hear Kim Stone of the Rippington’s moving up and down the frits on his bass guitar. My AC-11 lacks the impact and softens the bass a little. In the MIDRANGE you hear the all details on the recording, micro and macro. The cord is very transparent and clean not warm and laid back like the AC-11. The soundstage has that wide and deep sound to it, “balanced” I could hear things and pick them out much better than before. The TOP-END is smooth and detail with tons of air around the singers and instruments. The air around the music was clean not fuzzy. The lower the noise-floor the more music you hear with any cable.

The Source power cord lets the music just flow. It doesn’t add anything like other cords do. This is what got me from the start, what you hear on the recording in what comes through your speakers, nothing else! This crazy cord almost made my dac-2 sound like a good analog system. That’s right, my c-d’s almost sounded like I was listening to L.P’s, all of them. Even the oldies but goodies sounded like they did back in the seventies. Even though the recording wasn’t that good, it still sounded musical and fun. Barry White’s c-d put me in the mix, reminded me of being at the concert a few years ago. His big throaty voice was like he was right in the room with me; I kept hitting the rev-playback button on the remote in amazement. I said to myself what the heck is this! The strings behind Barry were way back behind him like you hear it live, and yes I did see him live at the pond in Anaheim ca. This cord is dangerous on music like this and gets the tonal balance just right. A couple of times I look down at it to see if it was still there. My AC-11 lacks the acoustical snap and punch and sometimes softens things a little. Also let me say that live music is not warm sounding, it’s clean, smooth and natural sounding. No matter what I played, jazz, pop, classical or gospel, the Source move out of the way and let the music flow, and I only have about a week of burn-in on it. The source may warm up a little more over time and it was a little warmer in Dave’s system. But who cares I like it the way it is!

Conclusion: The Source power cord is one of the best cords you can buy and it doesn’t add anything or take away from the music. What you hear is what is on the recording.
If you want your player to sound like real music and not like toy music, get the Source pc cord and kick back and enjoy. Also this is the first power cord that has that good old analog sound to it. That digital glair/hash that is in all c-d and dvd players was almost eliminated with the Source power cord.

Highly Recommended

Bill Glenn.
God Bless

Associated gear
Rogue 88 Tube Amp.
Yamaha Preamp/Antique Sound lab LHO1.
Belcanto dac-2, Chang 3200 PLC.
Speakers are the B.G. 420’s Bolender Ribbons.

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I have found the same things with the source cord. It is transparent and the bass is deep and tight and mated very well with the musical essence power cord. The musical essence cord is even more transparent and flushes out more inner detail. The source cord on the cdp and pre and the musical essence cord on the amp took my system to another level. I have heard minor differences in power cords until I installed these cords.