Review: Dakiom HA203 Tweak

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I have been very pleased with the Dakiom MA203 product on my Rogue Audio M150 monoblock amps, (review link can be found at, and the R203 feedback stabilizer on my Audio Experience Concerto + phono preamp. Considering this I felt that trying the $159 HA203 on my Denon AVR - 3300 Home Theatre Receiver was not a risk. I am still amazed that in the high end industry there are so many high priced products that offer no scientific proof of improvements. Dakiom holds U.S. Patents on their circuits.

I hooked up the HA203 using banana plugs that held both the speaker cable leads and the 5 positive wires of the HA203. Because there are 6 positives leads I doubled up on the center channel. I then turned on my television that has been hooked up through the receiver for the many years that I have had it. I immediately noticed a “calm” in the dialogue of the actors and during commercials there was less of a high frequency “bite” that comes from distortion. I changed to many different channels and found the same characteristics especially when there was a music track playing. I then played the Million Dollar Baby DVD and found that the center channel dialogue was much easier to understand. I was able to increase the volume without fatigue over long periods of time. The music track was relaxed without lacking any of the detail.

I have read other reviewers comments of these products that say there is no audible difference when using them. I find this interesting since I immediately notice a much more analogue “continuity” when the Dakiom products are inserted that allows me to become involved more easily. I suppose there are people who prefer cds to lps, however, I am not one of them.

With reference to price vs. performance improvement, I should tell you that I experimented by removing my Walker HDLs while retaining the Dakiom and then replaced the HDLs and removed the Dakiom. The Dakiom product at far less money was a larger improvement. For me the Dakiom product is the best fix for negative feedback producing audio products outside of buying the zero feedback products themselves.

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Denon 3300 Receiver
Paradigm Mini Monitor speakers
LG DVD player
It's good to see another review on Dakiom products by a satisfied audiophile. I posted a similar review a couple years ago on Audiogon. I have since upgraded--partially--to the second generation units, and haven't bothered to do A/B testing (with and without stabilizers) since changing out my speakers over a year ago. That's how much I like them!

I agree with you, and disagree with Dakiom, about the breaking in issue. I think that it DOES occur with Dakiom Feedback Stabilizers, and I'll post a link to a prior discussion thread on the discussion following your other fine Dakiom review. Thanks for taking the time to post.
I love Dakiom. I bought the cheapest one he had for 6-channel rca lines. Dakiom no longer stocks the unit. It is model # HR103. I bought it along with 6 Y connectors and I believe I paid $80 for all of it.

I hooked it on back of my emotiva umc-1 between it and the emotiva xpa-5.

I recently decided let me try my sytem without the DAKIOM. Here is my honest opinion: For about 2 songs I was like I think I like it better with it off. I did notice a difference, at first, honestly, I thought it was a change for the better but very soon by the third song or so I noticed listener fatigue and within 10 minutes I placed the feedback stabilizer back on and was contacting Dakiom for a second f.s. to apply on the amp.

With it off: The highs on my system sounded very jittery, which to me means very unclear and overwhelming. Also, much of the soundstage was gone. The Dakioms have a way of making the sound seem to "pop-off" from the speakers.

With is on: My speakers high-end and midrange seems much more tame and "musical" like Kim explains in his rants. The sound is also much more spatious and the instruments seem much more distinct and seperated.

This is with his lowest priced unit. There is still a little more I believe that could happen to my system with an amplifier stabilizer and I plan to purchase one soon.

My opinion: Dakioms won't change your speakers ability, that is, you're speaker is going to have it's sonic characteristics as usual. It isn't going to change a crap speaker into a great speaker but what it done for my speakers is made them more enjoyable, less fatiguing, much better soundstage, and tamed the jittery highs and made them much more smooth and soothing. Still, these are very bright speakers, and the ONLY way I will listen to them is with the Dakiom unit on.

For all the naysayers, I believe in these things. I would not listen to anyone who bashes these things until they personally try them. Trust your ears, I really believe these things are worth their money.

Can't wait to test out the amplifier stabilizer. Does anyone recommend the HA203, HA253, or HA263? Any input is greatly appreciated!
Two more things I forgot to mention, there is a reason you never see these things for sale on ebay. I believe it is because no one wants to sell these things once they have them on their systems.

And Kim Dao, founder of Dakiom, is 100% correct about wires. Cheap GLS interconnects ($33 for 6) do wonderful compared to my old $50 each interconnects. I threw my $250 + worth of interconnects in a box and use the color coded GLS interconnects. Much nicer and easier for my application.