Review: Chapman Q6 Monitor

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This is my third Chapman Speaker over 20 years. They keep getting better. The Q6 is evolved from the T6 which I previously owned. The midrange was upgraded to a rather expensive 5 1/2" proprietary Scanspeak Model. Improved wire was used with perfect surface copper to the midrange and woofer. State of the art oil filled capacitors were used and large aircore inductors. The speakers are handtuned and components are matched to less then 1% variance.

The sound is wonderful with very natural harmonically rich textures to the music. The sound is very smooth without a hint of grain or brightness. Lows go deep down, well defined and tuneful. Mids are full and fluid. Highs are extended, but not etched or fatiging. The sound stage is very three dimensional. Instruments are heard with solid imaging. I can imagine the placement of performers and on opera I can easily follow the singers around the stage.
I can listen to these speakers for hours. They handle crescendo with ease and are very dynamic. My GamuT D-100 drives them easily. I prefer classical music, sound tracks, and jazz. Good recordings simulate live performances. I find no weakness. The sound is never analytical and may not have etched enough highs or the last degree of transparency for some.

Associated gear
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Additional information may be helpful. The tweeter is a Vifa 1" silk soft dome. The woofer 10 " Chapman Speaker. The speaker is about 90 pounds and 40"X10"X13". It is a modified transmission line more accurately described as compression line design. Crossovers are at 120 and 4500 Hertz It is 88db efficency and a 4 0hm speaker. The manufacturer is Chapman Audio Systems (Stuart Jones-owner) PO Box 140, Vashon, Washington, 98070. Tel. number is (206) 463-3008. The web site is in construction.Stuart sells directly to his customers.
These were labeled monitors, perhaps incorrectly. They are floor standing 40" tower speakers.
The Chapman Q6 Speaker prototype has been renamed T6 Mk.2 for production. I have had them now for two years. They are extremely musical, open, 3 demensional and accurate speakers. The new flagship Chapman is the T77 which has two midrange drivers. All Chapman Speakers use state of the art quality components, are hand built and sold directly to the consumer. The speakers favorably compete with speakers 2 to 3 times their price. Please see my original review from 2003.