Review: Channel D Pure Music DA converter

Category: Digital

Big Kudos to Channel D, Pure Music customer service!

I have been old school analog forever. I was very reluctant to get into digital servers and computer audio. I purchased an HRT music streamer and played iTunes off of my MacBook. I was less than satisfied at the average sound quality.

After a little reading I decided to buy Channel D Pure Music. In short I set it up and played my music. I was now getting drop outs and only a tad better sound. Next I called customer support at Channel D. I spoke with Rob who was very patient and kind regarding my issues. Rob spent a good deal of time walking me through the proper set up protocols and even gave me some tweaking suggestions. After he was done the music sounded excellent. In fact I was amazed and I am having fun with my new library.

Channel D Pure Music and Rob has changed the way I think about my music and hi-fi. Highly Recommended!

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