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CH Technologies is owned by Craig Hampel in Champaign, Illinois. I've known Craig for about four years. At the time, Craig was working for Geoff Poor in Geoff's audio shop. Geoff is a partner in BAT (Balanced Audio Technology).

I hadn't seen Craig for about a year when I sold my Wadia 581se CD Player to an Audiogoner also living in Champaign, Illinois. He told me that Craig had perfected his cable line and was now selling them. Dale's system sounded really good and Dale suggested that I try them. I was pretty busy and never got around to giving Craig a call.

Then about four months later, I sold my HRS SX rack to another Audiogoner in Champaign, Illinois. Tom has a Wadia 781i CD Player like I have, and he said that he was also using CH Technologies cables. He told me that I should call Craig and give them a try. This time I did.

Craig sent me two X15 power cords and one set of X10 interconnects and one set of X20 interconnects. They took me completely by surprise! After all of the power cords and interconnects I've had ranging from $1,500.00 to $5,000.00, none do what Craig's power cords and interconnects do in my system.

The CH Technologies power cords and interconnects are the closest cables I've ever heard that don't have a sound at all. I heard more of music than I've ever heard coming out of my system, and it flows in the most natural state I've ever heard. I hear more minute details because it's so quiet. Along with this, those details seem to make every instrument sound more authentic than I've ever heard it in my system.

If you're looking to get closer to your music than you ever have before, I'd strongly recommend sendng Craig an email. Here's the email address of CH Technologies:


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In my system, as really good as the the Silent Source Music Reference are, each of the CH Acoustic X20 cables beat the Silent Source Music Reference in every area.

To put it another way, I had the Silent Source Music Reference power cords and interconnect when I auditioned the CH Acoustic X20 interconnect and X15 power cords. I ended up selling the Silent Source Music Reference and buying the CH Acoustic cables because once I heard what they allowed my system to do, I didn't want to be without them.

I later upgraded to the X20 power cords when they were introduced into the CH Acoustic line. They are noticeably better than the X15 power cords.

CH Acoustic has an auditioning program available if you'd like to check them out for yourself.

I will try the pc,int, and spkr cable from CH and compare to kubala sosna elation. I am awaiting several components for my system first so hopefully sometime in January. Thanks for the input.m

I believe that the shootout will be happening shortly. I may be wrong, but I think that Natan has received the X20 cables, but is still waiting on the others.